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A Feigned Madness: Book Review

A pioneering and headstrong woman, a coal-choked New York city, and a harrowing Victorian asylum – what is not to love?


Ghosts, Seances and Spiritualism

How the stereotypical gothic image of a circle of people communing with the afterlife came about. 


The Color Purple: Book Review

A historical fiction novel to touch the heart. 


Madhouses and Mental Hospitals

The history of and daily life in lunatic asylums.

The Confessions of Frannie Langton: Book Review

A stunning piece of gothic historical literature that I cannot recommend enough.


Thy drugs are quick: research

"O true apothecary, Thy drugs are quick. Thus with a kiss I die." Poisons and potions in my latest research. 

The Companion by Kim Taylor Blakemore

Book Review: The Companion

A twisting, gothic, historical tale of love, betrayal and injustice, with a dash of murder too!


Book Inspiration: Bugs and Priest Holes

The inspiration for my free historical novella, The Last Flight of the Ladybird.

Slammerkin: Book Review

Slammerkin: Book Review

London in the eighteenth century was no place to be a poor young girl with high hopes.

  Great read!!
Wakenhyrst book review

Wakenhyrst – Book Review

I know Maud and Wake’s End will remain with me for a long time, and I will find myself back in the fen when I least expect it.