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Delphine Woods Author


I have always enjoyed creating stories but, like most, thought writing could only be a hobby. In 2016 I obtained my degree in creative writing from the Open University and since then I have been determined to get my books to the readers who enjoy them, who need them.

I read novels to escape, and I write them for the same reason. In my home office, surrounded by beautiful books and notepads, with my dog by my side, I dive into history and immerse myself in mysteries. 

I dream of a life filled with far-stretching views and open fires, where I can toast my feet as I flick through the pages of a gothic mystery or a gripping thriller.    

The four books in my debut Victorian mystery-thriller collection, Convenient Women, are now available in ebook and paperback formats. 

The Cradle Breaker

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My new book The Cradle Breaker is now available on Kindle.
This is Book 1 of the Convenient Women collection.