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Woman on Ward 13

Iris Lowe Mysteries Book 1

‘The first thing they question is your memory. You must hold on to it, at any cost.’

Asylum attendant, Katy Owen, hates the isolation, the bars on the windows, and the way the mad women watch her. She should not believe their delusional tales, but when her charge talks of murder, she is drawn into a story of tragedy and conspiracy that threatens her own sanity.

Iris Lowe is a nurse on an infamous psychiatric hospital's Ward 13. After one patient receives her first visitor in over fifty years, Iris suspects there might be more to her story than meets the eye. 

As she battles against buried secrets, Iris unearths harrowing and heart-wrenching atrocities that span almost a century.

But is it too late to serve justice? 

Woman on Ward 13 is a captivating Gothic time-slip novel, the first in the new series, 
The Iris Lowe Mysteries.

Published 17th July 2020.

Woman On Ward 13

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This is Book 1 of the Iris Lowe Mysteries Series.