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The Little Wife

Book 4 of The Convenient Women Collection

Book 4 in the Convenient Women Collection

Love will be the death of you.

When Beatrice Brown’s husband is duty-bound to return to the ominous Dhuloch Castle, she has no choice but to leave her home and go with him. The journey to the Scottish Highlands is nerve-shattering for Beatrice, and life in such a desolate place is no better. All she wants is to go back to England, back to her old, boring life.

As she struggles to cope with the isolation and her husband’s cruel nature, Beatrice finds comfort in the only friendly face, the castle’s mistress, Clementine Montgomery. Soon, the two embark on a passionate affair. With Beatrice’s desires and vibrancy reawakened, she begins to wonder what her husband is hiding. Why did he flee the castle all those years ago?

Something evil lurks inside Dhuloch’s walls. It will not rest until it has blood.

Will Beatrice have the strength to uncover the truth before the castle claims its next victim?

The Little Wife is a haunting, gothic tale about love, desire, and revenge, perfect for fans of Sarah Waters’ Affinity. Inspired by the nursery rhyme The Little HenThe Little Wife is a standalone novel, the fourth in Delphine Woods’ Convenient Women Collection, and contains mature themes.


"Wow, that was one hell of a ride... Even at the end I still found myself torn with how to feel about clementine... And that is how I know this story was a great book."

"Mystery, intrigue and a delightful story line."

"What an absolutely engrossing read this was. I love the atmosphere and world building the author has created here."

Book Four

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This is Book 4 of the Convenient Women collection.