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The Cradle Breaker

Book One of The Convenient Women Collection

The Cradle Breaker

What will you do when death comes calling?

 Summer, 1865, and the only thing on Luella Blyth’s mind is revenge. For ten years she has lived with the shame of being a murderer’s daughter, but she knows her father was hung for a crime he did not commit.

Vowing to avenge her family and find out the truth, Luella seeks out the woman who knows what really happened all those years ago, but Bonnie will not give up her secrets without a fight.

Bonnie Hearn wants nothing more than to spend her days basking in the Devonshire sunshine and stealing from her mistress. Most importantly, she wants to forget everything that happened ten years ago. So, when she realizes the woman blackmailing her is the girl she used to know, her comfortable world is thrown into turmoil.

Luella is out for blood. If Luella succeeds, Bonnie will lose everything, and she will not let that happen. A battle of wills ensues as the two of them fall deeper into their twisted games of deception. 

Someone is not getting out of this alive. 

The Cradle Breaker is a fast-paced thriller packed with twists and turnsInspired by the nursery rhyme Rock-a-bye BabyThe Cradle Breaker is a standalone novel, the first in Delphine Woods’ Convenient Women Collection, and contains mature themes.



"Just when I thought I knew 'who dunnit' there was a twist, then another twist."

"Very enjoyable and thoroughly entertaining."

"Complex characters and storyline filled with twists and turns.... Real page turner!"

The Cradle Breaker

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This is Book 1 of the Convenient Women collection.