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Convenient Women Collection Box Set

Convenient Women Collection Box Set

Get all 4 novels for the price of 3!

The Cradle Breaker
What will you do when death comes calling?
Luella Blyth has lived with the shame of being a murderer’s daughter for ten years, but she knows her father was innocent. Now she wants the truth. And vengeance. If she succeeds, her nemesis Bonnie Hearn will lose everything. 
A battle of wills ensues as Luella and Bonnie fall deeper into their twisted games of deception. 
Someone is not getting out of this alive.

The Promise Keeper
The past will find you eventually.
Liz Oliver needs a clean break away from London, away from her sins, but the countryside is not as perfect as she had hoped. New and old enemies threaten her sanity and very existence. 
She must fight to win the future she has been promised. 

The Button Maker
When the truth could cost a woman her life, she must learn the language of lies.
When button maker, Cat Davies, finds herself saved from death by a wealthy stranger, she realises he is the key to obtaining the life she has always dreamed about. 
But he does not know the real Cat. If he finds out, will she survive his wrath?

The Little Wife
Love will be the death of you.
When Beatrice Brown’s husband forces her to the ominous Dhuloch Castle, she finds comfort in the castle's mistress. But something evil lurks inside Dhuloch’s walls. It will not rest until it has blood. 
She must uncover the truth before the castle claims its next victim.



"Will keep you captivated all the way through."

"If you like the Victorian Gothic, a little murder, mayhem and intrigue then you will love to get into these books."

"Be careful, they are addictive."



Convenient Women Collection Box Set

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4 books for the price of 3!