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Book Reviews

After Alice Fell: Book Review

This is a book about family love and secrets, where guilt and madness creep within the pages and tragedy and hope entwine with each other. 


A Feigned Madness: Book Review

A pioneering and headstrong woman, a coal-choked New York city, and a harrowing Victorian asylum – what is not to love?


The Color Purple: Book Review

A historical fiction novel to touch the heart. 


The Confessions of Frannie Langton: Book Review

A stunning piece of gothic historical literature that I cannot recommend enough.

The Companion by Kim Taylor Blakemore

Book Review: The Companion

A twisting, gothic, historical tale of love, betrayal and injustice, with a dash of murder too!

Slammerkin: Book Review

Slammerkin: Book Review

London in the eighteenth century was no place to be a poor young girl with high hopes.

  Great read!!
Wakenhyrst book review

Wakenhyrst – Book Review

I know Maud and Wake’s End will remain with me for a long time, and I will find myself back in the fen when I least expect it.


The Victorian Governess: Research

The Victorian Governess, by Katherine Hughes, gives a straight forward account of what life was really like for those women who floated uneasily on the border between servant and lady.

The Victorian House

The Victorian House by Judith Flanders: Research Books

I have just finished The Victorian House by Judith Flanders. After writing five books set in the Victorian period, I felt my research needed topping up. Well, I couldn’t have started with a better book.

What I Was - Review

A beguiling, slow-paced YA novel about love and identity in 1960s England.

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